Northman Law Firm is a multinational law firm based in Cairo provides sophisticated and comprehensive advice to companies and individuals in their day-to-day business in Egypt, Libya, Slovenia, Jordan and Italy, combining high quality legal services with a direct relationship with the clients

Our personalized attention, competitive prices, and an effective and creative approach allow the firm to provide added value to clients.

We offer advice to a diverse clients such as local and foreign individuals, small and medium size companies as well as multinational firms carrying out different activities, including industry, investment funds and investors, business companies, law and accounting firms.
Northman Law Firm is well qualified to establish all forms of business entities and assist clients in obtaining the necessary approvals for their investments, licenses to conduct their business, and work and residence permits. Additionally, the Firm is a leader in the field of litigation and has an extensive practice in arbitration and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Due to the Firm’s broad areas of experience, it can make available its specialized legal knowledge to assist foreign companies seeking to develop their business interests in Libya and can provide clients “turnkey solutions” to their business requirements, by introducing them to suitable prospective partners and joint ventures, investment and commercial bankers, accountants, and business consultants. The Firm’s clients benefit not only from its vast experience but also from a wide network of local and international contacts. This can prove especially useful for clients where personal contacts and an intimate knowledge of State regulations and procedures often make the difference between success and failure.
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